"May the wind always be at your back"

Welcome to Brian Inspires

As a sportsman, Brian Rabinowitz excelled across a wide range of endeavours. He is a 9 time Ironman Triathlete and regular podium finisher.  Brian has held the title of State Champion in Triathlon in his age group in all 4 categories; sprint, olympic, long course and half ironman.  Being as passionate as he is about everything in life, Brian’s motivational presentations are highly inspiring to a diverse range of people.


Brian is also a regular host on SEN sports radio, and is a level 1 triathlon and cycling coach. 
To listen to the most recent show "Higher, Faster, Stronger",
click here. He founded and facilitates the accredited BICA Indoor Cycling Instructor Program and offers a wide range of services and coaching.


"May the wind always be at your back"

Inspired Cycling is a collection of very challenging cycling audio training sessions.

We are confident you'll find the sessions highly motivating as well as taking your fitness/strength on the bike to new levels. The collections are available in the format of audio training sessions (CDs or downloadable mp3).

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