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Update: Dec'2020

The BICA Indoor Cycling Instructor courses are no longer on offer

The BICA Level 1 Indoor Cycling Instructor Course 


Whether you are involved as a professional instructor in the fitness industry

(or wish to be), the Indoor Cycling Instructor Course is a wonderful arrow to

have in your quiver.


The course will provide you with the skills required to conduct a highly

effective session with the appropriate emphasis on technique as well as

building cardio vascular fitness and leg strength.  It provides up to date

expert knowledge, inspiring you to become an instructor who makes a real

difference in the cycling world.


The course will explain how easy it is to create a cycle session, irrespective

of the current legislation regarding the music you may or may not use.


The course is available in an online format. The online course is a virtual classroom.  The beauty is that you complete the program at your own pace. The BICA Level 1 Indoor Cycling Instructor Course are recognised and accredited with Fitness Australia.



The distance/online course is $335.


Online Course 

You may immediately enrol and purchase the online course in our store

We will then send you a password which will enable you to log in.


This will give you access to the following:

  • 6 full videos embracing the entire course

  • A BICA Level 1 Manual (pdf file)

  • Your accreditation exam


The course covers a broad range of relevant topics including:

  • Bike set-up

  • Positioning

  • Cycling techniques

  • Training principles

  • Communication/Relationships

  • Practical sessions


A certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the course including the open book exam.



The online course is accredited by FITNESS AUSTRALIA, with 7 CEC's.

BICA Course


More and more prospective cycling instructors are taking advantage of completing their qualification as an instructor, by using our on-line program.


The delivery is as if your were sitting in the  lecture room/cycle studio with me.

You control your time totally. If you need to have a break, then do so.


Feedback from our successful attendees emphasises the aspect of "being live" , whilst having the option to stop/start when you choose.  

To register, please go to our Store

Denise on the BICA course

Fiona on the BICA course