Cycling Coaching

One of Cycling’s great appeals is that, to a large degree, your body

weight is absorbed by the bike. As a cardio vascular and leg strength

exercise session, cycling has very few rivals. In addition, much of your

training is outdoors and often in beautiful environments, so what more

could you ask?


So, if you’re thinking of doing your 1st fun/recreational ride, or working

towards a major challenge like 3 Peaks, Brian can help you achieve

your goals.


Brian is an accredited Level 1 Triathlon and Cycling Coach registered with

Triathlon Australia and Cycling Australia. He works with all levels of

Athletic endeavour.


He is a committed and enthusiastic trainer and mentor,

always encouraging people to extend themselves and be

the best that they can be. Combining his passion for

life with his management and sporting expertise, Brian

adds incredible value to people’s lives.


His process is straightforward, thorough and individualised

for all aspiring athletes:


* An initial discussion to understand what motivates you


* Ways to achieve positive outcomes from your sport


* You receive an individualised programme (in 6 week blocks) based on your

training/racing goals. Brian utilises state of the art coaching software – Visual

Coaching Pro


* Where additional Strength & Conditioning training is required, this is provided.

(Brian holds a Certificate 3 as a qualified Gym instructor)


* Brian is part of a professional network providing expertise for Athletes including

Maximum Heart Rate Testing, Bike fit etc.

Brian Inspires also offers 8 week Orientation/Training Programs for New Cyclists


Weeks 1 - 3 Basic bike set – up check and Bike Skills – Velodrome

  • Helmet check

  • Sitting on the bike

  • Cleats in and out – stationery

  • “Play the Piano”

  • Balance

  • Familiarisation – chain rings, front brake/rear brake, cassette usage/levers

  • Stopping/cleat out

  • Take – off

  • Single leg take-off and continuous pedal

  • Quick stopping

  • Pedalling in circles

  • Interaction of Quads/Hamstrings/Glutes

  • Hand and voice signals

  • Initial drafting concepts/skills

  • Usage of Chain rings

  • Use of Cogs

  • Flat road riding

  • Hill climbing


Weeks 4 & 5:  Velodrome/Advanced Skills + Bike Paths

  • Emergency stopping

  • Out the saddle riding/acceleration

  • Manoeuvring in restricted spaces


Week 6    Flat road riding/peloton skills/drafting techniques


Week 7    Hills


Week 8    Hills/Flat Road

Feel free to contact us with any questions surrounding your private cycling training needs or if you are interested in group training sessions. We are willing to cater to whatever training needs you require.

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