Remote Indoor Cycling (via Zoom)

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Le Tour De France Simulated Indoor Cycling

Each year for the past 14 years, Brian Inspires have conducted their very popular and challenging

2-hour and 3-hour indoor Tour de France cycle sessions.


Watch this space for details for the next Le Tour special

Inspired Cycling Vol 2 - Official Launch

Brian has been a competitive triathlete since 1984. In 2001 he began instructing Indoor Cycle Classes and Wind-Training Sessions. His reputation and popularity grew and he could not keep up with the demand of face to face teaching. To share his expertise and knowledge via his personalised CD’s was the solution!

In 2012, Brian released his Inspired Cycling CD Range (Volume 1) to the public. Cyclists, Triathletes and Indoor Cycling devotees were instantly hooked:




Three and a half years on, after inspired time and energy, we are thrilled to announce the birth of Volume 2!
With a strong emphasis on developing hill climbing ability and leg strength, these training sessions can take your fitness to new heights. Experience the exhilaration and sense of accomplishment as you successfully conquer each training session. 
Meet the Volume 2 Family, including “Alpine Assault” and “Chain Ring Bondage” and get started on this epic and hugely satisfying challenge!


Volume 1

Full Set (6 sessions) via Download                                             $45.00

Single sessions via Download                                                       $8.95

CD Sets - SOLD OUT        


Volume 2

Full Set (6 sessions via Download)                                              $66.00

Single sessions via Download                                                      $12.95

It’s such a perfect training tool for me. On business or holiday, the first item in my travel case is my MP3 player with CD’s loaded and my training gear

I can go to the gym anytime, jump on a bike, plug in the earphones and next minute I’m hammering away on the ‘Transition Tornado’ – one of my favourites in this Inspired Cycling training collection

I never knew that being "Thrown to the Wolves" would take my physical and mental capacity to such levels

SEN Radio 1116AM

Brian has been a regular presenter on SEN1116 in Melbourne Australia, as part of the Higher Faster Stronger Radio Show. The link to latest show is on the homepage.