Open Water Awareness

Are you a competing Triathlete, a participant in open water swim events or someone who enjoys swimming in open water?


The most technically demanding of all 3 disciplines in Triathlon is the swim – besides coping with the technical demands, there is the added challenge of OPEN WATER – no concrete walls etc. 


The one common major issues athletes have is becoming relaxed and balanced in the Ocean. If you can imagine what it’s like being in a washing machine, then you have an idea what we are talking about.  Once you have satisfactorily mastered some basic techniques/strategies, you’ll have the tools to ensure you are in control.



TRIATHLETES – irrespective of the distance you are racing, Sprint/Olympic/Half Ironman/Ironman, the swim is always the shortest of the 3 disciplines in both distance and duration – Psychologically the swim plays a critical role in how you perform.  Have a great swim, exit the water feeling great and look forward to tackling the bike. Alternatively a bad swim impacts on your approach to the rest of the journey.


OPEN WATER SWIMMERS – The more comfortable you are with your technique and being in the open water, the greater the opportunity to exit the water at race-end feeling really good about yourself. 


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