With the current climate we find ourselves in, struggling with the uncertainty of Lockdowns
etc., now is the time to maximise your fitness at home. 


- It’s the clever and safe way to enhance your cardiovascular capacity whilst improving your pedal technique and increasing your leg strength. It provides a perfect healthy avenue for moving beyond the mounting stressors and challenges we are all facing nowadays.


-  Great way to start/finish the day – a high quality training session leaving you to savour the joy of an endorphin release.


-  Healthy focussed stress release

-  Keep fit, strong and resilient

All sessions are facilitated and inspired by Brian Rabinowitz.   


We look forward to seeing you join a group of like – minded, dedicated cyclists in the comfort of your own home!


You will be emailed your attendance link before the session.


“May The Wind Always Be At Your Back!”

Zoom Indoor Cycling Class: Wednesday 5.30pm