Volume 1 Inspired Cycling Detailed Listing (MP3 & CDs)

Inspired Cycling (Volume 1) can be purchased as a Full Set in MP3 format, comprising of all 6 training sessions, as well as individually. 




Have you the capacity to explode then recover repeatedly? This session will test

and develop that ability in you.  Emulate Tour de France pros by hammering a

high cadence in a heavy gear and taxing yourself to the extreme.  Finish off with

intervals where your increased strength enables you to use an even heavier gear

whilst maintaining the targeted cadence.


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This ride focusses on leg strength using heavy gears whilst developing your

ability to climb at and above your Lactate Threshold. You will experience a real

burning sensation in your legs and your lungs will be screaming for back-up!


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Explosive Quads MP3 purchase

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 As an athlete, you have an engine that with the appropriate training, can be

developed to go harder longer. In this session, train your body to work at levels

at and beyond your lactate threshold. Achieve this whilst maintaining control on

your intensity.  This ensures you don’t land up “overcooking yourself”.

* Note * CD format is out of stock and only available as an mp3 download.


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This session is all about short and sharp explosive maximum effort intervals

with extended recovery periods. Whenever you require an explosive effort on a

hill climb, the Quad Cruncher will develop your leg strength and prepare you

physically, physiologically and mentally.


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Often we catch ourselves after a climb sitting back and recovering. This session

will simulate in brief intervals, what it’s like to be part of a Peloton as it builds it

pace towards the mountains, continues to build momentum up the ascent and

then hammer the pedals as you breast the last gradient.


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Transition Tornado MP3 purchase

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Throw Me To The Wolves [110 mins]

As this incredibly taxing session progresses, we reduce recovery whilst retaining

the same intensity. This really develops the ability of body and mind to go harder,

longer and withstand the onset of fatigue.  A huge part of the challenge is facing

75 intervals in total - definitely not for the faint – hearted!


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